Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldHIGHLIGHTS: VOLUME NINETEEN – 24 mins

We fade in on SK stumbling onto three KO’d ladies (Merry Meow, Anne-Marie, and FWR’s Becca) out cold on the mats. Turns out this fight’s been going on for hours, but there wasn’t enough tape to capture the whole thing. Sleeperkid decides to offer the fans a highlight reel instead, leading to some amazing boxing KOs that lands all three ladies into some fantastic KOs…over and over again!

This is another type of video that ranks real high only my favorites list. These silly, three way boxing, highlight vids are the prefect combo of silly reactions, boxing actions and KOs. Add in the fact that three amazing jobbers, Anne, Becca, and the still very new, but already impressive Merry are the stars of this one, really make it that much better. We get great, short scenes with, team work, treason and even, some exhaustion, punch drunk scenes, with drooling and a massive punch to the belly with spit-take from Anne, which is one of my favorites from the bunch. I also have to mention, that some of the one where Anne Marie is the last one standing, were also some of my favorites. Anne is funny as she pulls some very entertaining tricks that lead to her win. And of course with all these KOs we get lots of great KO poses, from body piles to a lineup of butts in air. An overall awesome vid, with great selling, plenty of KOs and just a really fun video that watch.

Overall Score: 9.9/10