Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldHIGHLIGHTS: VOLUME FIFTEEN – 20 mins

We fade in on the lovely Morgan Del Ray, making her debut, standing over the defeated bodies of Sumiko and Keri Spectrum, explaining that the two had sneak-attacked her hours earlier, but she’d eventually turned the tables, leading to the KO’d pile at her feet. SK and Morgan agree to put together a highlight reel, and so the action begins. We see Morgan getting sneak attacked during a promo, with both Sumiko and Keri getting KOs via sleeper holds, a reverse neck scissors, triangle choke, and two back to back piledriver KOs. They wake the poor girl up and go for a final clothesline, but Morgan reverses it and nails one of her own. The seemingly destroyed jobber turns heel in 2 seconds flat, KO’ing both Keri and Sumiko with back to back jumping neck chops. She turns to SK and explains that she’d been secretly training for years before showing up to SKW and her poor opponents are about see evidence of that first hand. What follows is a complete destruction of Keri and Sumiko at the very flexible hands of Morgan Del Ray.

Another brand new girl making her debut at SKW, Morgan Del Ray is a very flexible, fit and sexy girl. We get to see her as a jobber first, as Sumiko and Keri put her through a couple of nice KOs, including a couple of piledrivers and a pin. Morgan sells pretty well for her first time, but soon the she turns the tides on the two veterans and Morgan really starts to shine. She uses her awesome flexibly to add a cool twist to her moves and of course the vets sell it awesome. This is a highlights match, so the action is coming faster then your normal matches. Overall, this is another great highlights vid with some of our favorite girls giving the new girl a chance to show off some of her unique talents, that I hope we get to see much more of soon.

Overall Score: 9/10