Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldHIGHLIGHTS: VOLUME 23 – 19 Mins

BoxingWe fade in on three unconscious boxers: the lovely Pocahontas, Sumiko, and Jamie Daniels…all dozing after an epic battle that SK could barely capture with his camera!  He decides to cut together a highlight reel for the fans, and what follows is a KO/boxing fans dream as all three ladies take turns delivering the KOs and taking them!  Allegiances quickly change as the battle progresses, leading to the very KO that dropped all THREE ladies to the mats!!

One of my favorite kind of videos are boxing videos especially ones with knockouts. Another thing I love is silly reactions, lots of dizziness, eyerolling and tongue protrusion and this beautiful clip is an excellent combination of the two. With Jamie Daniels, Pocahontas Jones and Sumiko I just couldn’t be happier with the cast. All these girls really sell the silliness as they take turns knocking each other out. There’s not a whole lot of silly over the top boxing videos out there and every time I find one it goes right to my favorites list and this one is no different. Great great silly reactions, plenty of great knockouts and victory poses, some of my favorite girls in the business and the triple threat boxing idea, for I highlights vid is just awesome.

Overall score: 9.5/10