Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldHIGHLIGHTS: VOLUME 22 – 15 Mins

EdenNIKKI FIERCE AND EDEN MAKE THEIR SKWPPV MAT ROOM DEBUTS! We fade in on the beautiful and powerful Nikki Fierce posing over a new and unconscious wrestler: the lovely EDEN!  Turns out Eden tried to attack Nikki and actually got in some decent KOs, but the more experienced Nikki eventually turned the tables and delivered an epic smackdown that the SKW cameras only managed to PARTIALLY capture.  What results is a “highlight” reel that shows you the very best moments from this brawl…all featuring two amazing performances from Nikki and Eden!

This is the first vid with the brand new Eden and I think SK said it best, her abs are stupid, the girl is in fantastic shape and those abs are definitely in the conversation for best belly. Nikki Fierce is pretty well know and I love that they use her flexibility in this. I don’t know what makes the first part of this one so good, it could be Nikki’s great selling and flexibility or Eden just being a natural heel, either way the first half is the best half. I love everything about the way Nikki sells, from the way she reacts to the way she ends up KO’d on the mats and everything in between, it all looks great. Eden snaps right to being a good heel, she looks like she having a good time while in control as well as being a pretty good trash talker for her first time. Then when Nikki takes control, it’s not all downhill like I may have lead you to believe. Nikki is great on this side of the fight as well and Eden, even though brand new, does some pretty good selling and looks even better laid out on the mats. So, yes the first half is the better half, as Eden just is a natural heel and Nikki is such a great jobber, but the second half is not bad by any stretch of the imagination. This just makes me very excited to see Nikki versus Tiny, which I know already happened and a nice first impression for Eden.

Overall Score: 9/10