Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldHIGHLIGHTS: VOLUME 21 – 20 Mins


We fade in on SKW champ Sapphire standing over the unconscious body of a brand new wrestler…one that had attacked her several hours earlier only to taste Sapphire’s wrath! We find out her name is Elsa, and because SK couldn’t get the entire beatdown on tape, he decides to create a highlight reel…just for the fans! We fade in on Sapphire, hours earlier, as she gets photographed for an upcoming promo. Elsa sneaks in, knocks her out with a chloroform-soaked rag, and then wakes the champ up…only to put her out AGAIN with a face strike from her own belt!   This new wrestler sets to make a name for herself as we fade in and out of her attacks on Sapphire, including belly attacks, a snap mare, a face kick KO, pins, a modified STF, and a jumping swing out DDT KO! It’s when she goes for a splash that misses, however, that the suddenly unconscious Elsa finds out what the term “jobber” really means!   Sapphire manages to grab the barely conscious Elsa in a tight sleeper hold, sending her to La La Land and taking some time to get her strength back!   She eventually does, and what follows is a complete destruction that claims Elsa’s consciousness several times…until a final set of brutal finishers leaves us where we started…with Elsa out cold at Sapphire’s feet!

I have waited so long for Elsa to finally show up in SKW. Some of you might recognize her from a lot of behind the scenes pics from SK. I’m happy to say the wait was totally worth it, as Elsa did an amazing job on her SKW debut and a highlights vid was a nice way to introduce her. The first thing we get to see Elsa KO’d at the foot of the SKW champ. She looks great in her outfit, and of course it’s even better that she’s got boots and kneepads on in her inaugural video. Once the highlights get started, she does start out in control, putting some impressive moves on Sapphire, getting a few KOs and even a successful pin. Soon enough Sapphire does gain control and the show really gets started. Sapphire does what she does best and Elsa give us a great show. I love the moves used, I think her reactions were pretty great, especially this being her first wrestling vid, ever. We get plenty of KOs, with Sapphire even using her belt, as a bit of revenge and some chloroform for good measure. I’m really excited to have Elsa in SKW, this was an amazing introduction to her and cannot wait to see her again.

Overall Score: 9.5/10