Review of Heart to Heart – Season 3 / Side Mission 5

Review of Next Global Crisis Heart to Heart – Season 3 / Side Mission 5 – 11 Mins

NGCAthena is in big trouble. She wakes to find herself cornered by three Darkhearts, and realizes she is bait. She fights bravely but is slapped around and stretched to breaking. Can Miss Freedom rescue her? Or will both heroines be forced to surrender?

This one picks up right where Side Mission 4 left off. Athena is out cold, beaten my members of the Darkhearts and Miss Freedom is on her way because she knows Athena is there and probably in trouble. So, Athena wakes up and uses her healing powers to get back in the fight, only to defeated again and that’s when Miss Freedom shows up. Miss Freedom puts up a good fight, but soon is nearly defeated as well, and that’s when Athena again uses her healing powers again and is able to step back in and save the day before it’s too late. The Darkhearts can’t handle both of them at the same time and make a run for it. Again, as always with NGC, this is very well produced, great action and selling from all involved. This one is pretty short though and feels like a bridge between two higher impact moments in this story. So, there’s not much added to the story with this one, except of course, Miss Freedom and Athena being free from capture. I wonder if they’ll team up to try and find Bluebird now, or will Miss Freedom still try to make Athena wait? Also in true NGC fashion, there’s an alternate ending, where Miss Freedom and Athena are defeated. Now, I like this ending better and think it would have been a better story from there, but the guys at NGC are much better storywriters then me and whatever they got cook up, is sure to be outstanding. I look forward to seeing it.

Overall Score: 8/10