Review of Head Scissors Championship

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsHead Scissors Championship – 17 mins

Madison and Mindy have proven to have the strongest scissors in FWR. Now it’s time to see which one of them is the best. They face on a best of 5 submissions or KOs via scissors only. Madison is the first to gain a victory as Mindy can do nothing to break herself free and has to give up. Mindy, quickly returns the favor, in the next round, trapping Madison in her own scissors. The girls battle back and forth, round after head squashing round, until Madison refusing to submit and passes out in the final round, making Mindy your FWR headscissors champion.

I am slowly become more and more of a fan of these headscissors battles, especially when they end with a KO. There’s nothing not to love about these two amazing looking girls trying to trap each other in scissors. We get lots of awesome shots of both of them struggling and failing to break free. I am loving the look of Madison, she’s definitely someone I want to see to some silly KO action soon. Overall, headscissors fans rejoice, this is everything you could ever want in a solid headscissors battle.

Overall score: 8/10