Review of Having A Limp Time With Father’s Secretary

Review of Fetish CutiesHaving A Limp Time With Father’s Secretary – 26 Mins

FCHis father’s secretary is such an attractive and cute girl. When he sees her he just dreams about caressing her. But she is pretty cold to him. When she comes their home bringing the documents to his father he starts to do everything possible for her to stay, but she still leaves. He has no choice except giving her a neck chop. She falls down, right into his big hands. She is so petite and so peaceful now. He cradle carries her around the room as a princess. Then he lifts her over his shoulder and carries her to the bedroom where he finally can worship her adoring body. He carefully undresses her, kisses her soft hands, breasts, belly and her perfect feet. Then he leaves for a couple of minutes. During this time, the dizzy girl starts coming back to. He enters the room and he can’t let her see him, the only thing he can do this time is the neck chop again. She falls down right on her face sticking her round butt in the air and passes out. This is the ideal pose for worshipping her great ass and feet. He takes he time worshiping her body, but her finishes and redresses her before she wakes. She dazed and confused enough to believe when him when he claims she just passed out.

This is right down the middle as far a limp play videos come. We get a simple, but good set up story idea, that’s really relatable. There’s tons and tons of great limp play, not a lot of carrying, if you’re looking for that, but some much great limp play. He plays with every bit of her body, spending a good amount of time spreading out his focus. Her bra comes off, but panties stay on. She wakes up once and she’s totally out of it, but not for long as she’s soon KO’d again. We get plenty of super sexy camera angles and really nice close ups. Tia looks awesome for every direction and performs really well for the moments she was conscious. Also we get a good ending too, where he totally gets away with it. When it comes to the limp fetish, this vid is a bullseye, no real bells or whistles, just straight up great limp play action.

Overall Score: 9/10