Review of Hannah is Your Punching Bag

Review of Fem Wrestling Rooms Hannah is Your Punching Bag – 13 Mins

HannahOur video starts out with Hannah explaining the rules of the match. “Whoever knocks whoever out first, gets to make that person their punching bag.” You agree and the boxing battle begins. Hannah comes out swinging, knocking you all around the ring, but you don’t even try fighting back. Hannah laughs as you get dizzy, asking why aren’t you fighting back. After a few more punches Hannah feels bad for you and offers you a free shot. You take your best shot on Hannah’s exposed chin, knocking her out cold. Hannah, being a woman of her word, agrees to be your punching bag once she’s regained consciousness. You have her stand in the corner and you work on her belly. The previous knockout still has Hannah a little dazed, so it doesn’t take too many punches to knock her out again. You wake her back up and this time have her stand against the ropes as you work on her face, with a few added belly punches, knocking her out again in no time. This time when you wake her, you ask her to try and hit you, Hannah is really dizzy, stumbling around and swinging wildly, not even coming close to hitting anything. You give her one good punch that sends her rolling of the ring. You follow her out for some punches on the ground. After that you help her up and with another punch, send her sailing back into the ring. Hannah struggles back to her feet and groggily (as well as comically) asks you to finish her off! With a huge uppercut, Hannah is out for the night. Fans of this series will absolutely love Hannah’s awesome eye rolling performance!

One of my favorite girls, in one of my favorite series and I just couldn’t be happier with how this one turned out. I love that it starts out with Hannah being cocky and getting some time to win, brag and taunt, then one punch and she’s out cold. Then she’s pretty punch drink and easy to KO for the rest of the vid, even spilling out of the ring for some punches out on the floor. We get awesome punch drunk reactions. I love it when she’s stumbling around swinging wildly and also watching as struggles back to her wobbly legs. Also with this being a POV, we get lots of up close shots of Hannah’s great expressions and very fit body. This one has a great comedic feel, which FWR is so great at and adding to the punch drunk comedy is how massive these glove look on Hannah. This was a ton of fun to watch and an excellent job by Hannah. This is probably my new favorite of the series.

Overall Score: 9.9/10