Review of Hanging Around

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsHanging Around – 24.5 mins

Our video opens with Shauna and Becca chatting in the ring. They’ve heard that a new girl will be arriving and neither of them want any new girls in their group so they plot to have a little “fun” with her! The curtains part and in comes Sasha dressed in her street clothes. The girls welcome her into the ring and exchange pleasantries and invite Sasha to practice with them. When she begins to leave to put on some wrestling clothes, Becca and Shauna attack! Shauna holds Sasha’s arms behind her while Becca pounds punches into the belly and face of the shocked beauty! Then they double team Sasha with very creative wrestling holds that REALLY stretch Sasha to the limit! Many of the holds are too creative to name, but you can see the positions in the vidcaps below. Throughout the beating Sasha continues to lose consciousness and is stripped of her outer clothes. Finally, Becca tells Sasha that the boss called and wants her to “hang around” until he gets there and the bad girls plant more face slaps and punches on Sasha until she’s a groggy mess. They tie her arms and legs then hoist her over the ropes, hog tying her there for a few more slaps and punches. Becca gets tired of Sasha’s screams so they gag her and blindfold her. The torture is finally finished when Becca applies a sleeper hold to Sasha. Shauna and Becca celebrate and leave Sasha hanging on the ropes, commenting on how this was one of the best practice sessions they’ve ever had! Poor Sasha!!

Poor Sasha indeed! Becca and Shauna really pulled out all the stops in this beating. They combine a bunch of painful holds to make some crazy looking tag team holds that have Sasha crying for mercy, cries that are completely ignored by the merciless tag team. Sasha is bent, folded, twisted, tied up and left on display, the whole time giving us some more of that top of the line Sasha selling she is known and loved for. She’s such a talent, you can’t help but feel bad of her by time this one finally comes to a close. Becca and Shauna are the prefect heels, laughing and trash talking Sasha the whole time, and again, a lot of the holds they used on Sasha are so great and are quite creative. We get a couple of great KOs along the way, lots of torture and in the, Sasha is bound, gagged, blindfolded and left hanging on the ropes. I think Sasha suffers through some of the most brutal defeats, this one might be the worst of them all and I loved it!

Overall Score: 9.9/10