Review of Gwen’s Obsessed foot fan

Review of Sleepy SolesGwen’s Obsessed foot fan – 15 mins

Gwen walks into her apt from having a smoke, only to find some obsessed fan waiting for her. Before she can even figure out how he got into her place, he pins her to the loveseat with a soaked chloro rag to her face. This makes her helpless, just the way he wanted her. Now that she is out, he smells, fondles and tastes her feet. Eventually, she wakes and he knocks her right back out again. Now she’s his pet forever.

This first thing I have to say about this one is, this guy nailed the creepy fan role. He is super weird, which is exactly what he’s supposed to be, but it’s still kind of weird. The set up takes a little longer then I thought it would, so if you happened to have a fetish for watching a beautiful girl smoking, then you’ll love the first 2 or so minutes. Gwen, or Galas, as myself and many of you know her as, is awesome as always. She looks stunning and is really great at eyerolling, even though the camera missed 2 of the 3 eyerolling opportunities. The over the shoulder carries and the sparkling X’s over her nipples makes up for them missed eyerolling though. Overall, this is a nice limp play vid, with a focus on feet, staring the super gorgeous Galas. The opening scene is longer then I’d like and the creepy fan guy is super creepy (which I guess I a good thing)

Overall Score: 8.5/10