Review of Grudge Match: Madison vs Sarah

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsGrudge Match: Madison vs Sarah – 11 Mins

madisonSometime you simply don’t need a complex story to create a reason for an awesome female wrestling match! We fade in as Madison and Sarah approach each other, dressed in silky robes. Madison says “Are you ready to wrestle?” … Sarah simply replies “Bring it.” They enter the ring and we focus on each fighter as they remove their robes to reveal their strong, yet feminine bikini clad bodies. They approach one another and clasp hands for a test of strength. While we normally do videos that are highly scripted, we let these two beauties go “freestyle” and kept the camera rolling. Both hot women go back and forth with REALLY sexy wrestling moves! Body to body, skin on skin, scissors, camel clutches, school girl pins, body scissors, chokes, etc. There’s a final winner who manages to knock her opponent out with a tight reverse figure four head scissors, and this grudge match comes to a close with some hot victory poses. The winner leaves through the curtain and we watch as the unconscious beauty wakes up, shocked and stunned by her loss as she crawls out of the ring and staggers to the dressing room.

This is a great battle between to amazing competitors, their really fit bodies are easily the best selling point. Both Madison and Sarah get plenty of time both in and out of control. I really enjoyed both girl’s selling, they made great faces, as they’re bent and stretched in a lot of different painful looking holds and their bodies, of course, look even better. It was a good hard fight, no one really held control for too long, but Madison was slowly spending more and more time on the receiving end, until the eventual KO headscissors. Sarah takes a little time for victory poses, but not what I would call a long session, still good to see though. When Madison woke, I was hoping she would pass back out before making it out of the ring, because I love that, but this was more a serious toned match and Madison just walks away. A good vid, tough fight and really sexy girls.

Overall Score: 8.5/10