Review of Grudge Match: Becca vs Carrie

Review of Grudge Match: Becca vs Carrie – 19 mins

This grudge match between the long time rivals, Carrie and Becca, turns out to be on crazy KOs battle. The two beauties meet nose to nose and the KOs start right away as Carrie strikes 1st. The battle however stays in no ones favor as it constantly rages back and forth. Both girls use everything and anything the can find to KO the other as the battle all over the FWR compound. In the end, Becca can’t wake Carrie up and calls herself the winner, but as she gingerly walks away Carrie gets up goes after her. She catches Becca with an uppercut knocking her out cold. Carrie says, this isn’t over, as she walks away.

This is an awesome clip with some of FWR’s favorite girls. Carrie and Becca battle all over the place using anything they can get their hands on, a garden hose, a sliding door, tazer, curtain, just to name a few. Also, they both get striped to bra, panties and pantyhose, which of course is always great to see. Great selling for both girls, which is pretty much goes without saying. Overall, a crazy amount of KOs, tons of fun and creative weapons, great reactions, there’s nothing not to love about this one.

Overall Score: 9/10