Review of Grudge Match: Becca vs Carrie II

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsGrudge Match: Becca vs Carrie II – 22.5 mins

If you recall, Carrie got the best of Becca in their first knockout grudge match and Becca is back to settle the score. We fade in on Carrie doing her yoga moves in front of a white curtain. Suddenly, a silhouette of Becca appears on the other side. Her hands reach out through the curtain and grasp Carrie in a double neck pinch, knocking her out. What follows is a series of short knockout scenes with each girl getting the best of her opponent and sometimes both of them together, ending in sexy poses and body piles. The leotards get stripped off at some point and the girls continue in their bikinis and panty hose, attacking each other inside the studio, outside, and finally in the private mat room. Eventually, Becca does gain her revenge, but still claiming “this isn’t over” before leaving Carrie sleeping on the floor.

The intro of this is almost worth the price alone, what a genius way to bring in Becca. The vid is just like the first installment, with different and fun KOs. I absolutely love the silliness of this vid and the KOs. The girls fight all over the place, using everything and anything to KO each other, delivering us with great reactions and KO poses. Even Rick gets involved a little, he was minding he own, practicing his juggling, when Carrie runs by with Becca in hot pursuit. Becca grabs one of the pins right out of the air and uses it to KO Carrie. Just a little example of the great and creative KOs that happen in this vid. Becca said this isn’t over, so that means I can l look forward to more fun KOs hopefully soon. At the very end, we get to see the hilarious outtakes of the juggling scene, I wouldn’t mention is it was worth sticking around to see. Overall, plenty of great laughs, great reactions and silly KOs from these gorgeous girls, this is one of the kind of vids I just can’t get enough of.

Overall Score: 9.5/10