Review of Girl Is Put Into Trance By Hand

Review of Fetish CutiesGirl Is Put Into Trance By Hand – 10 Mins

HANDA hand knocks at a door, then opens it and comes in. Liza walks up to the camera, wearing a tank top and shorts, no bra, bare legs and feet. She points at him “Hey! You can’t just walk into my house! Get out before…!” A hand gestures at her and she goes into a stupor, eyes rolling up, arms flopping limp to her sides. Her sentence ends in a soft sexy moan. The camera looks at her for a while. The hand snaps a finger. She mindlessly removes her shirt, clumsy and limp. The shirt flops to the floor and she stands for a moment. Suddenly she shakes her head and snaps out of it. “Wha… what happened? Looks at camera, wide-eyed. “Who are you?” Realizes she’s topless and covers herself with her arms. “What’s going on?” She backs away from the camera to the couch is right behind her. “What did you do to me, you….” He gestures again and she moans and goes into eyeroll trance. Her arms flop limp, revealing her breasts. She sways a little, moans a little, then slowly flops back into a slump on the couch. She moans softly, eyerolling, and the camera checks her out, then moves closer. A hand gropes her breast and she moans very softly and sleepily but doesn’t react. The hand takes her by the back of the head/hair and sits her up. Close up as he gently moves her head. She comes to and camera backs up. “What’s going on…? I’m so dizzy…” She holds her head with her hands. The hand gestures and she goes into the trance again. A soft moan and her arms limply flop from her head and she flops over on her side. She wakes again and manages to stand up. She raises a hand moves toward the camera like she may try to fight, but the hand gestures. She moans, her arms goes limp. Eyerolls, sways. He snaps his fingers and she undoes her shorts and they drop around her ankles. Then she slowly flops to her knees in front of the camera, mouth slackly open. Camera looks down at her as she sways. The hand grips her head/hair as before, moves her head a bit, her mouth still open, eyes rolled. He lets go and she slowly topples back. Finally, she comes to, turns over, and tries to crawl away. The camera moves around her, she looks up at it. A final gesture. She goes into eyeroll trance, then flops to collapses forward and she flops onto the ground. Hand reaches down and starts pulling down her underwear. After a moment her body starts thrusting like he’s doing her from behind. She stays in the trance as we fade to black.

Pretty much the same story here as the other trance video, but this time with the equally as amazing Liza. Liza can’t cross her eye as crazy as Kira can, but still goes really cross eyed for most of the is vid as she is controlled and made to strip herself down. I love these vids, the crossed eyed KOs thing is quickly becoming something I really love to see. I love how the trance has an effect on Liza’s head, so even when she comes out of it, it takes a while to get her senses back. Which also gets worse as she gets stuck in the trances longer, it has more effect on how coconscious she is when she comes out of it. That’s a great detail I think could definitely change the overall video had it be missed. Anyway, this is another vid from Fetish Cuties and I am again still a very happy customer.

Overall Score: 9.5/10