Review of GIANT’S WRATH 8

Review of Sleeperkid’s World GIANT’S WRATH 8 – 30 Mins


Alisa Kiss plays both Supergirl and Aquagirl in this amazing custom production, with Supergirl having been hired by SKW’s wrestlers to arrest the evil heel (Kristie Etzold) who’s been sending them all to the hospital. Segment one begins with Kristie weakening Super-Alisa with kryptonite, only to humiliate the superheroine with TONS of over the top KOs. After dragging her away, Kristie places a distress call that sends Aqua Girl (also played by Alisa) to her lair, leading to a one-sided boxing destruction that leaves Alisa out cold on the mats!

I know what you guys are thinking, “I can’t believe this video is being reviewed already.” I’m I right? Well, this video just happens to be one of those “stop the presses” type vids. As soon as I saw this I knew I had to review is ASAP and since I was going to do anther SKW vid, I figured this was more important. So, enough about why I’m reviewing this, let’s actually talk about this outstanding vid. Alisa really, really sells this one so amazingly over the top, it’s jaw dropping. Every move has Alisa sticking her tongue out, rolling and crossing her eyes. There’s a little twitching and drooling too, but not nearly as much as there is tongue protrusion. Kristie is really takes her time, giving Alisa plenty of time to really ham up her selling and Kristie of course has a lot of fun destroying Alisa, talking trash and just having a good time, making this even more fun to watch. There’s lots of overkill attacks and Alisa is nearly a ragdoll for the entire time while playing as Supergirl. It’s great just how out of it she was the whole time. I love the Supergirl costume and that she got to keep her boots on the whole time. Sorry feet guys, but that’s a huge plus for me, she is barefoot as Aquagirl thought. Aquagirl wasn’t nearly as much of a ragdoll that Supergirl was, but her selling is still way over the top and amazing. The Aquagirl costume was also amazing, again, it’s hard to find anything Alisa doesn’t looks stunning in. I’ve always been a fan of Alisa’s, but after this performance and the Sentry vid from last update, Alisa has definitely secured a spot in my top 5 favorites at SKW. There is one tiny detail I’d to see next time though, and that is Alisa keeping her tongue out after the KO. She did some times, but more often would have been nice. It’s such a small detail I can’t take anything away from this stellar video. All my over the top guys, this is a must see for you.

Overall Score: 10/10