Review of Gender Roles: Domination!

Review of Spectrum Custom RequestsGender Roles: Domination! – 17 Mins

MixedKeri Spectrum is narrating as the camera begins rolling and welcomes Alexis and Danger Dude to the mats. She explains to the viewers that the two are on the mats today to partake in a mixed wrestling match in which the winner will be the one who gains the most submissions. Danger Dude is quietly confident, but has no issue getting his quips in here and there as Alexis banters with him. It’s very clear that Alexis absolutely believes this will be an easy win for her. Making it more interesting, of course, is that Danger does as well…which he voices, saying something sexist as his rebuttal. The sexist remark puts Alexis over the edge, so she tears off her top and decides she’s going to fight with her ‘secret weapons out then JUST to distract him! Keri (who is still narrating) is amused by this, and counts down to begin the match. 3……2……1…..Danger and Alexis lock horns in the middle of the Spectrum mats in a wild attempt to gain control. Despite her bared breasts in plain view to distract Danger, it’s only a matter of moments before he takes total control and throws her to the mats, applying a camel clutch. He isn’t nice about it, either. He pulls her head up by her hair, first, before then applying the clutch with a full nelson. Alexis fights insanely, thrashing around like a fish out of water. Danger transitions to the ‘proper’ hand under chin position and yanks up high under Alexis’ chin, arching her back and making her scream in agony. It is here in this beautiful hold that Danger gains the first of MANY submissions. Danger continues raging on with a series of pro-style submission holds, making Alexis tap out in each and every one. He makes her scream and beg in each hold, loving the fact that this ‘weaker sex’ who thought she could get the better of him with her tits out is now at his mercy. Alexis gets weaker and weaker with each submission, barely able to defend between falls from the exhaustion of trying to escape Danger’s locks. The match ends with Danger not only gaining the most and ONLY submissions, but with him giving her a nice little ‘nap’ courtesy of a sleeper hold. Nighty night, Alexis!

I might not like his name, but Danger Dude is was pretty great in this one sided mixed battle. Alexis attempt to distract Danger would have work if she was facing me, but Danger didn’t bat an eye. He puts her through her paces with a myriad of submission holds. The match moves along at a good pace, never sticking with one submission for too long and I don’t even think her repeated any. Alexis is great here too. First, I love that she takes her top off right away, saving Danger from having to do it later. She gives us tons of great great struggling and a beautiful sell for the final KO. Together the two put on quite a show for us and a nice display of Danger Dude’s submission prowess.

Overall Score: 9/10