Review of FWR Pro Wrestling XXXVI: Battle in White II

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsFWR Pro Wrestling XXXVI: Battle in White II – 11 Mins

FWR KaylaDING! DING! It’s time once again for FWR PRO WRESTLING!!! Tonight’s main event is a one fall women’s wrestling match. Our combatants are Maryjane and Layla, both dressed in identical white wrestling gear! From the same creator of the custom match between Kyoko and Stacie (see “FWR Pro Wrestling XX: Battle in White”), we match up our current cuties for a battle in the ring. Maryjane attacks Layla outside the ring when she makes her entrance and throws her into the edge of the ring. A few boot stomps weakens the blond and she gets thrown in the ring. But Layla isn’t going down that easily and gets Maryjane in trouble in the corner with kicks to the belly and elbow smashes to the chest! She chokes the small brunette on the ropes then clotheslines her to the mat for a painful head scissors. As she pulls Maryjane to her feet, a hair pulling catfight begins with Maryjane coming out on top. A standing head scissors, boot choke, knee choke, reverse head scissors, belly stomps, choke on the ropes, and clothesline have Layla reeling in pain as Maryjane plays with her by doing a fake pin. The brunette finally finishes her opponent off with body splashes and takes the leg hook pin for the win!

I love the action we get in this vid and really like how it goes down. Maryjane starts by attacking Layla while she’s doing her ring entrance, but Layla comes back once they get in the ring, but can’t keep control as Maryjane comes out on top. It’s a good flow for this match. some nice bit of back and forth action, but nothing too crazy. Both girls get some good holds in, they both sell good and of course the matching one piece and boots are a great touch. Maryjane skips away in the end, leaving Layla writhing in the ring, which as really nice as well. Maryjane is pretty new to FWR, but she’s already caught my eye. Definitely going to keep an eye out for more from her soon.

Overall Score: 9/10