Review of FWR Pro Wrestling XXXV: Mystique vs Mariah

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsFWR Pro Wrestling XXXV: Mystique vs Mariah

PROThese wrestlers are tough, seasoned, and trained in professional wrestling! They travel the indy circuit and know how to do all the high flying, body slamming, and tossing moves that we seldom use in our scripted videos. So when the two wanted a match in the FWR ring we happily accepted … then stayed out of the way! Mystique is mostly the aggressor in this match but Mariah manages to get some moves in also. The match spills out of the ring at one point as these two pros battle it out! The action is intense and fast … and your humble producer/video guy learned a lesson to not stand too close to the ropes on the ring apron! Let’s just say I got shot right off the edge during a clothesline move! But happily I lived and the camera still caught all the action! There’s a spectacular finish to this as Mystique takes the victory! If you like true professional wrestling you’ll love this video!

This is a pro wrestling match and I mean like the ones you see on TV! The action we get here is so awesome, lots of high flying, high impact moves. A bunch of them end in KOs, or at least close to it. The years of training these to pros have had is really clear in the video. The moves come fast and look so cool it’s just makes it a blast to watch. Mystique runs the show the whole time, but it’s not from a lack of effort from Mariah. Mariah tries and tries the get the better of Mystique, but she’s just too strong and over powers her every time, Mystique also does a lot of fake pins which was great to see. When it was all said and Mariah is left in a heap on the mats, although regaining her senses and Mystique standing tall. It felt like I just watched a pro match on TV and that’s just awesome. Overall, you’re are going to be hard pressed to find a match with more high flying pro style excellence then this one right here.

Overall Score: 9.5/10