Review of FWR Pro Wrestling XXXIV: Keri’s Initiation

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsFWR Pro Wrestling XXXIV: Keri’s Initiation – 13.5 mins

Keri, is the newcomer to FWR Pro Wrestling gets totally annihilated by Becca, as the blond beauty uses all the dirty, underhanded tactics the ring has to offer, such as turnbuckle face smashes, eyes rakes across the ropes, choking against the ropes, split-legged crotch smashes against the ring post and more. An out matched Keri continually tries to leave the ring only to get dragged back in by her hair. Becca enjoys her domination over the visiting wrestling star, as well as her sexy victory poses after Keri is left unconscious from the pain of Becca’s finishing move.

Poor Keri, this one gets way out of control for her. She makes the mistake of turning her back just before the bell starting the match and Becca was quick to jump on that mistake. I love all the dirty tactics Becca used to keep control of Keri. Some are creative and some are just mean, but all of them are delivered by a smiling, trash talking Becca. Keri is reeling for the start, there is only one KO, but Keri is close to unconsciousness pretty much the whole time. I love watching Keri not only struggle to stay conscious, but also trying to escape the merciless Becca. Then to wrap it up, Becca uses a sharpshooter that has Keri crying out in pain and tapping the mats like crazy, but Becca doesn’t stop till Keri finally passes out from the pain, which was so great, Keri really sold it very well. Overall, this is a great one sided event, Keri is super amazing and Becca is super evil, maybe one day Keri will get her revenge, because this match totally flip flopped would be just as awesome.

Overall Score: 9/10


  • Couple of thoughts… First off, awesome video. Keri is gorgeous and plays the part incredibly well. Second thought, she just isn’t what she used to be as far as a fighter goes.. And that’s not a bad thing. She just seems weaker. I mean, Becca just killed her. Keri didn’t put up much fight. Thing is, I’m not sure she could. You can see it in her face. You can definitely see it in her body (which is still gorgeous but quite obviously broken down). She’s beat up. Look a her recent track record. She’s been pummeled. She’s lost fights over and over and not only lost, but been beaten up in them. Look at her in this fight. She seemed helpless. Something I coundn’t imagine saying about the tough Keri years back. Look at when Becca hung her in the ropes and beat on her tummy. Obviously hurting her pretty bad. Keri couldn’t even get out of the ropes? That’s how weak she is at this point?… I mean.. Her body’s just spent. Age and the losses have certainly taken their toll on her beat up body:( That being said, I love her work and I love her videos. She plays the jobber part so well and is still my favorite fighter!