Review of FWR Pro Wrestling XXXIII: Mashing Madison

Review of FWR Pro Wrestling XXXIII: Mashing Madison

In this FWR pro wrestling match up we have Madison vs Mystique. Madison seems ready for Mystique, but as soon as the match in under way Madison starts being over powered my Mystique. This is pretty the story for the whole video. Madison tries to stand up to Mystique, but is easily over powered. Mystique doesn’t dish out damage with high impact moves like we are used to but, keeps Madison winded and on off her feet. This match and Madison, get put to rest with several interesting looking piledrivers. Madison try to get in up and leave after the final pin, but she’s too weak a collapses back to the mat to rest up some more.

This is a pretty cool vid. Although it moves a bit slower and has less power moves than the regular matches with Mystique. Mystique’s power is definitely not in question as she she doesn’t seem to breaking a sweat the whole time, dominating with ease. Madison on the other hand is totally winded pretty much the the whole time. I really liked that. It just made it seem like she was trying so hard. I think she got one offensive move on Mystique, but other that that it was all Mystique. Love the fake pins and how weak Madison was. Madison literally gets tossed all over the ring and even out of it. A great showing of strength from Mystique. Oh I also liked the attempt from Madison to get up after the match. I liked it because she failed. She was too weak and exhausted to get up in end. A nice touch.

Overall Score: 9/10


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