Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldFURIOUS STYLES

GALASWe are well aware that there was already a “Furious STYLES” match featuring Gia vs Angelina HERE, but since that was part of a bigger release, we’ve decided to reboot the series!!!   The concept? Two warriors versed in different styles of combat find reason to do battle…leading to one hell of a match! In this case, we have the lovely martial artist Chanel Yeoung disagreeing with pro-wrestler Galas over who’s turn it is to use the SKW mat room for their daily workout routine. The two decide to fight it out, with the winner taking the room for as long as she wants! Here’s the breakdown: Chanel starts off strong, dominating via an enzuigirl kick to Galas, jaw, three brutal face kicks for a KO, three jumping karate chops to the belly, a double jab to the chin pressure point KO (Galas’ over-reactions are priceless), multiple fist strikes to the face, a kick to the belly, and a face kick KO. As Chanel goes to pick Galas up, however, Galas nails a brutal low blow and proceeds to snap mare Chanel three times, following up with a boston crab, belly attacks, two wall splashes, a flying booty bump KO, and the removal of Chanel’s gi top for added humiliation. Chanel awakens but Galas puts her out with a long-held, eyerolling sleeper KO, followed by a figure four leglock, and a piledriver KO that leaves Chanel twitching and out cold on the mats. Convinced she’s won, Galas goes for the 10 count pin but Chanel sends a kick flying at the last second…and it connects with Galas’ face!   Galas falls back, out cold…as Chanel slowly recovers. Now in control. Chanel presses her advantage via a freeze pressure point attack with a pair of chopsticks, some frozen poses, and a sudden temple pressure point attack that leaves Galas out cold, drooling, and STILL frozen!   Chanel unfreezes Galas but then puts her back out with a pressure point neck attack, only to set her up for a series of brutal jabs to the solar plexus, a series of belly jabs with a bo staff, and a final jab with the staff that sends a stream of drool flying out of the wrestler’s mouth before a limp KO fall to the mats! Chanel is at the top of her game as she proceeds to finish Galas off with a series of sai attacks to the body, a double sai handle blow to the neck KO, and 6 brutal kicks to the jaw!   Chanel smiles at the stunned Galas and removes her gi pants, revealing a matching bikini bottom AND kneepads. She tells Galas that she’s ALSO been training to be a pro wrestler, and decides to finish her off with her very OWN sleeper hold!   Galas struggles in vain as hold sends her to Dreamland. Chanel applies a humiliating matchbook pin and nails the ten count, leaving Galas out cold on the mats as we fade……in to a few minutes later. Galas is still out and hog tied on the mats as Chanel practices her kicks. We see Galas slowly come to but Chanel corrects that with a final sweeping kick that connects with Galas jaw and sends her back out. Chanel resumes her workout as we, and Galas…fade to black!

I am always really happy to hear Galas is coming to SKW and this is the kind of video why I always look forward to seeing her. Galas’ selling in this is purely outstanding, and quite over the top. We get lots of great eyerolling, plenty of awesome tongue protrusion and one of the biggest drooling scenes ever. I’m really happy that Galas was on the losing side for most of this one, not only because she’s already a favorite of mine, but also, her pro style outfit is 100x better than the karate gi. Although, thankfully the gi did evenly come off, I really can’t think of a worse thing to put a beautiful wrestler in. Chanel is great, her outfit has zero effect on her performance. I think she made a great karate expert, I love all the kicks and chops and weapons she used against Galas. Even for the short time the Galas was in control Chanel sold it perfectly, with get eyerolling and tongue protrusion. Galas is definitely the star of this show for me, her over the top selling and outstanding good looks makes this one you don’t want to miss.

Overall Score: 9.5/10