Review of Furious Sinn Sage Vs. Jade Indica

Review of Furious Sinn Sage Vs. Jade Indica – 20 min

Sinn Sage is going up against Jade Indica in a topless boxing match. Sinn has got the size advantage and thinks the Jade won’t stand a chance. So Sinn gives her a free shot. Big mistake, that free shot doubles Sinn over, knocking all the wind out of her. Jade doesn’t hesitate to take advantage of Sinn. She immediately pummels Sinn with upper cuts, hooks and jabs. She has no problem getting dirty, either, aiming for Sinn’s breasts and crotch. Time after time again she sends Sinn to the mats, but the punch drunk Sinn, still keeps getting up. Sinn throws crazy punches that hit nothing as Jade easily steps out of the way. Jade keeps the heavy hits coming till Sinn can no longer pick herself up. Jade helps her back up a couple times, just to knock her back down. Eventually Sinn finally goes out cold and Jade takes her victory pose before leaving Sinn to sleep in the corner.

I’ve loved Sinn and Jade forever and they both look amazing in this. Sinn starts really cocky and she was flexing for the camera. After that 1st punch to the gut, she lost all of it right there and became weak and scared. Jade cockiness filled the room as she attacks every bit of Sinn’s body. Sinn sells so good in this its jarring. Each punch, each knock down, Sinn makes look awesome with great expressions and reactions. There are plenty of knock downs as after a while Sinn can barely stand and even when she can’t get back up, Jade helps her up, till she finally KOs Sinn. If there was on thing I’d change about this one is I’d like a few more of the knock downs to have Sinn flat on the floor, or at least have the final KO that way. Overall, this is great, hard hitting, one sided, topless boxing battle, that is sold extremely well by the super sexy, Sinn and Jade.

Overall Score: 9/10