Review of Fur Fight

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsFur Fight – 15.5 Mins

FURWe love it when customers ask us to recreate a memory from a girl fight they witnessed in the past. This creative customer saw a fight that ended with a cute girl rubbing her fur lined gloves on the face of her rival while sitting on her, bringing humiliation and tears to the dominated girl. The custom script has Becca, dressed in a beautiful fur top, mini skirt, and fur lined gloves dominating the school bully, Cheyenne Jewel! Becca easily handles Cheyenne’s punches then takes Cheyenne to school with a lesson in destruction! Our cute blond coed punches and kicks Cheyenne then does several creative scissor style holds to her along with a painful camel clutch. Cheyenne is stunned as Becca giggles and taunts her. Becca soon removes her mini skirt then her fur top to finish the bully off in a tiny bikini. Cheyenne finally breaks down in submission as Becca school girl pins her and totally humiliates her while rubbing the fur lined gloves on her face.

It is crazy to watch Becca as she easily dominate someone like Cheyenne. It’s kind of surreal like it was watching Becca dominate Mystique. The whole time I wondering if we’ll ever find out what magic is being used to give Becca her powers, but we don’t. Cheyenne is an awesome jobber and does an outstanding job selling her helplessness. I love the faces and the noises she makes as Becca squeezes the life out of her. Becca who is perfect in every role, really looks like she is enjoying every second of her control, making it even more fun to watch with her taunts and insults. I love the moves used her and the slow removal of Becca’s clothing. There are a few really nice KOs in this, but not at the end. The ending is my only issue at all this one. I know this is supposed to be some reincarnation of a memory, but the way it ended is just not fun. Watching Becca rub her furry gloves in Cheyenne’s face for 2 minutes is, boring and really ends this otherwise fun and exciting video on a low note. Fortunately, it is the very end of the video and Becca and Cheyenne both look so good and put on such a good show I still really enjoyed this video and won’t even take much off for that lame ending.

Overall Score: 9/10