Review of Fun With Knives V

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsFun With Knives V – 18.5 mins

Alex and LeAnn decide to have some fun fights with their toy knives and swords. They play through Several different scenes where one, or both of them get taken out. The scenes play out all over the FWR compound as the fight for dominance and revel in their victories. They even change outfits to do some sentry style takes downs, cops and robbers and even some in ring wrestling, with knives.

I love these series because it’s always a lot of fun to watch. Alex and LeAnn are over dramatic as they play through the scenes. Also this is the kind of video where it really feels like both girls are having just as much fun as we do watching them. I love the the outfit changes, both girls outfits are really sexy, but LeAnn’s cop out fit is jaw dropping. Lots of awesome “death” poses, really give us a great look at these two awesome bodies. Overall, it’s really a great time watching these two amazing looking girls have fun with knives.

Overall Score: 8.5/10