Review of Frankie Z POV Boxing Pounding

Review of Hit The MatFrankie Z POV Boxing Pounding – 18 mins

Frankie Z is hanging out in the ring waiting out you. When you show up, she’s really happy to see you and she challenges you to a fight, even offering you a free punch. What happens is a one sided pummeling where Frankie gets the daylights beaten out of her. In not time at all you have Frankie pretty much out oh her feet, crossing her eyes and stumbling around. You knock her off her feet plenty of times, you even help her back up just to give her more beating. Eventually you have enough fun with her and let the sleeping girl lie.

Frankie is a very silly jobber, she always sells with a lot of silly and goofy reactions. This POV vid is a perfect match for Frankie’s selling. We get plenty of great close ups of her reactions and she really sells her goofiness. Its a great one sided beatdown with plenty of knockdowns and near KOs. I love that you help her back up for more beatings and it took basically no time to get her woozy and out of it, becasue she gave you a free shot. She’s also really attracted to you and seems to be enjoying her self just as much as you are. Overall. this is a great one sided POV, thanks to Frankie’s really silly selling and great close up shots of her reactions, also plenty of knockdowns as well.

OVerall Score: 8.5/10