Review of Footsmother Fight KO & Ragdolling

Review of DefeatedFootsmother Fight KO & Ragdolling – 16 Mins

feet ragdollThe gorgeous Diane (with really hot feet) vs the strong Andrea, but Diane is a veteran. She puts down easily Andrea, sending her KO with her feet, and begins to ragdoll her and play with her while she’s out. Diane ties her hands behind her back with her own Bra. Andrea gets Knocked out a couple of times by Diane’s feet and is played with each time, footsmothering her and molesting her. The last KO is epic footsmothered while being held up by her nipples!

Not quite the kind of ragdoll I normally lose my mind over, Diane, who as crazy long toes, totally dominates, doing whatever she wants to Andrea. Andrea does spend a lot of time out could, but there isn’t quite the knocked out torturing I love to see. Lots of foot in the face, foot in the mouth stuff of course, with some really good reactions from Andrea, as she rolls her eyes nicely before passing out. Diane gets her fun in while Andrea is out, tying her hands behind her back and playing with her boobs, as wells continuing to stick her feet in her face and mouth. Andrea wakes up a few times only to be KO’d again, giving us more good reactions again. I love the KOs here and domination is quite good. I would like to see some more ragdolling from Defeated, because this one is close to what I hoped, but not quite. Maybe with Stella as the victim, man I could see that being amazing.

Overall Score: 9/10