Review of Foot Torture: Becca vs Peyton

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsFoot Torture: Becca vs Peyton – 18 mins

Becca, dressed in tight jeans and t-shirt, goes up against Peyton who is dressed in a bikini, boots and long socks. Peyton is quick to let Becca know she doesn’t approve of Becca’s street attire and attacks her with a barrage of punches that quickly knock the blond out. Peyton removes Becca’s boots and begins to work over her feet, twisting and pulling on them. Becca manages to escape and takes it to her rival, a corner foot choke followed by a pile driver knocks Peyton out allowing Becca time to remove the limp girl’s boots. From there on out the girls go back and forth with plenty of leg and foot torture related holds. Screams of agony fill the arena as the girls struggle. Peyton loses a sock while in a figure four leglock. But the crafty Peyton escapes the leg lock and quickly knocks Becca out with a stunner and proceeds to strip her out of her jeans to reveal a cute gold bikini bottom. Peyton really tortures poor Becca’s feet by bending them around the ring post and the ring ropes, making sure to remove a sock so that she can damage to the girl’s bare toes. The battle rages on with Peyton seemingly in complete control until the very end when suddenly both girls are trapped in a double reverse figure four head scissors that soon have them both sleeping on the mats

I found the one kind of silly and thankful well done. What is mean by well done this time, isn’t referring to the excellent selling from Becca and Peyton, or the great camera work from rick, but the fact that this video didn’t only focus on foot torture, but actually had some good wrestling elements and some KOs. Near the end when Peyton was in control it did get a little hyper focused on the foot torture though. I found it silly that both girls ended up with one sock on, especially Peyton with the thigh high sock. Stripping Becca of her jeans was also really great to see as the gold bikini bottoms look amazing. Overall, I had some fun in this one, the foot torture thing is new to me, but having a little wrestling, knock outs and super sexy girls made this enjoyable.

Overall score: 8/10