Review of Foot Play After Accidental Knock Out

Review of Fetish CutiesFoot Play After Accidental Knock Out – 18 Mins

FeetKira’s boyfriend tries to open a bottle of wine, but for some reason the cork is stuck. He struggles very hard, but it seems that the cork won`t move one bit. From behind she gets close to him to see what he`s doing. Just in this moment he finally pulls out the cork. In the process his arm shoots back and with his elbow he hits Kira directly on the top of her chin. She throws back on the couch and with a weak sigh and crossed eyes she slowly glides off of the couch down to the floor knocked out. At first he is shocked. He pulls her limp body back onto the couch. He takes her face with both hands and intensely he shakes her head to make her wake up. But it`s useless. She`s completely limp. Every time he releases the grip her head limply flops down. And finally she limply glides off of the couch down to the floor again. Now he realizes that this is the perfect opportunity to have some fun with his girlfriend as long as she`s out. Now he lifts her up and for about 2 minutes he carries her OTS-style through the room. Then he carries her Fireman’s carry style. Finally he carries her to the bedroom and dumps her limp body on the bed. Almost for the rest of the clip he rubs and massages her limp soles filmed from many different angles while she`s out with lots of close-ups of her sleeping face, sometimes squeezing her cheeks. Now we jump forward in time. Kira is sitting on the couch (focus on her soles), she is still very groggy and rubs her aching chin. She doesn`t know what happened. She just wanted to spend a romantic evening with her boyfriend and suddenly there was an explosion in her head and finally her lights went out. But she had a crazy dream about being carried around and her feet getting massaged. Her boyfriend pets her head, but it`s hard for him to hide a smile.

This is a fun way to set up a limp play video. I love the accidental knockout idea. It looks great and works perfectly. There’s a long carrying session that shows off Kira’s awesome body very nicely. Then it’s off to the meat and potatoes of this vid. Kira is dropped on the bad and we get tons and tons of foot views. Definitely every foot fans ideal scene as he plays and poses her feet in every possible way. I’m not the biggest foot fan and normally don’t like a hyper focus on feet but they did a really good job keeping my interest the whole time. The close ups of her sleeping face and the little bit of playing with her face definitely helped. In the end, he totally gets away with it, agreeing with her dream idea. Simply put, this is a really well done vid with a focus on carrying and Kira’s very nice feet, all while she’s out cold of course.

Overall score 8.5/10