Review of Foot Lover Enjoys 4 Limp Feet And Double Knock Outs

Review of Fetish CutiesFoot Lover Enjoys 4 Limp Feet And Double Knock Outs – 26 + 22 = 48 mins

This guy was always attracted to girl’s feet. He really knows how to play with them. The magic that comes from them can’t be given up for anything in the world. So, he found a girl who had pretty cute feet and now he is ready to act. He attacks the poor girl and smothers her hard. She can’t resist and starts to lose consciousness. But suddenly, when she is almost passed out, her girlfriend comes into the room! He would never expect this! Long seconds of hesitation between the 2nd girl and the guy, then fight starts. Finally, he grabs her neck and the girl is ready to go unconscious. But, the first girl is rushing to help her friend and this is her mistake. They are both captured and they both pass out at the same time! What a lucky day! They did it SIMULTANEOUSLY, which is just perfect and now, what is the most importantly, he has four amazing feet instead of two! After careful and delightful checking of the girls’ rolled eyes, limp arms and legs he enthusiastically passes to the main part, their feet. This’s his perfect chance to rub, to squeeze, to tickle, to adore four beautiful souls with accurate toes. And he needs lots of time to enjoy this chance. So, even when the girls wake up he always knows how to make them limp and… cooperative, even when they need to be totally undressed. What is more, that wonderful moment of their simultaneous passing out will serve as an example of the ideal knocking out.

This is a vid I picked up when I found the silly one that should be reviewed next to this one. This one is obviously much more serious than the other one, but still has some fun and silliness. It of course has some really beautiful girls and some really great reactions as I am already expecting to be constant from Fetish Cuties. The video is really long though, as both parts combine to almost an hour, so there was plenty of time for everything. The girls always wake up at the same time and get KO’d together, most of the time in some really fun and creative ways. We do get some limp play, as he check their arms, legs and eyes to make sure both girls are out before the main focus of the video, which is their feet. He spends plenty of time playing with their feet. The feet focus is nicely broken up by the girls waking up, or him carrying them around and stripping them, which works great so you don’t feel like this video is about nothing but feet. It’s a really well done video, not getting too crazy with the focus on feet and making sure there were some fun KOs and really nice reactions added in. I’m really liking this production so far, as the two videos I’ve seen have both been really good, and I’ll definitely be going back for more soon.

Overall score: 9/10