Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldFITNESS FIGHT – 13 Mins

SUMIWe fade in on the lovely Sumiko celebrating the fact that she’s been chosen to appear on the COVER of Sleeperkid’s new fitness magazine, when an angry Saya steps into the room demanding to know why she lost to such a “scrawny” model. The girls argue as they compare biceps, abs, and derrieres…until SK finally decides that the only way to fix the issue is with a one fall, 5 count pin match. The girls agree but Sumiko strikes first, throwing Saya into the wall and attacking her abs with brutal punches and knees! Sumiko follows up a series of suplexes, stomps, a camel clutch, and an iron claw that puts Saya OUT! Instead of going for the pin, however, Sumiko starts bragging to the camera, which allows Saya the chance to sneak up and attack with a brutal sleeper hold KO!   Furious, Saya decides to make an example out of the lovely Japanese wrestler, taking her apart with a reverse neck scissors KO, ab attacks / belly blows against the wall, a brutal DDT KO, a near pin (Sumiko lifts the shoulder at the last second), a brutal over the knee backbreaker/chokeout KO, a stunner KO, a failed pin, a boston crab, and a final piledriver KO (with some twitching), before she forces Sumiko to verbally admit defeat! A follow up TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER KO ends it for Sumiko (two versions of the piledriver are shown via Instant Replay), who takes a humiliating matchbook pin (as well as her own split victory pose) as Saya claims the magazine cover!

I love it when we get a good set up for why the girls are battling, which is probably one of the hardest things, because, we’ve probably seen every reason to start a fight there is. However this one is a pretty good idea, it also gave us an extra reason to check out these beautiful girls in their bikinis. Also because Sumiko what the one to get the fight going, we get a little bit of Saya being on the losing side, which is never disappointing, before Sumiko takes over the jobber role as her overconfidence gets the best of her again. Sumiko and Saya are both perfect in either role, but I was happy to see Saya win, because that doesn’t happen too often. We gets some nice twitching from the piledrivers on Sumiko and plenty of eyerolling KOs as well. Overall, when we get a vid with Sumiko and Saya, you are automatically guaranteed a pretty great vid, every time, with this one being no different.

Overall Score: 9/10