Review of FISTS OF SUMIKO 16

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldFISTS OF SUMIKO 16 – 14 Mins

JinxThis brutal fist and foot battle starts off with the lovely Jinx getting an early lead after suddenly turning the tide on Sumiko’s initial attacks! She pounds Sumiko’s face and belly with punches and even knocks the beautiful Japanese fighter out with an uppercut!   Jinx goes for the pin but Sumiko barely kicks out. Jinx goes for a final lethal strike but Sumiko catches her and judo flips her to the mats! Sumiko gets her strength back and starts a brutal assault on the stunned Jinx! Jinx takes a complete destruction via punches, rights, lefts, uppercuts, knee strikes, kick strikes, a brutal jab to the neck, ground punches, a triangle choke punch combo, and a final uppercut that sends her flying into a sleeping pile on the ground!   Sumiko goes for her trademark split victory pose and ends this amazing battle!

Jinx is definitely one of those girls that we just don’t get to see enough of, because she’s really great and should be around more often. As with most of these vids Sumiko ends up on the losing side at first, with an awesome uppercut KO that sends Sumiko flying. Sumiko fights back and we get some really great punch drunk selling from Jinx. Sumiko gets plenty of payback, knocking out Jinx a bunch of times with all her signature punching and kicking combinations. I just love the way Jinx reacts to punches. In the end, Sumiko returns the uppercut KO and sends Jinx flying across the room. Both these girls look fantastic and I’m really loved Jinx’s selling, makes me miss seeing her get squashed and I loved those awesome uppercuts where both Jinx and Sumiko do their best Anne-Marie impression, sending themselves flying. A lot of fun watching this one.

Overall score: 8.5/10