Review of Sleeperkid’s World FISTS OF KERI – 28 mins

We fade in on the lovely Sumiko, talking madd smack about Keri Spectrum and how she’s “blown up” over the last year, gaining massive popularity even though Sumiko states that she defeated her ages ago. This angers the lovely blonde, who sneaks up on Sumiko and delivers a brutal punch that spins the suddenly dazed girl into the camera, her eyes rolled up, tongue hanging out of her mouth. Sumiko collapses, out like a light, as Keri prepares to unleash HELL on Sumiko’s face and body, all while using a lot of the same tactics Sumiko likes to use in her “FISTS OF…” series!  A total destruction ensues as Sumiko finds out what its like to be on the other side of the fists.

I think this is a video we all wanted to see for a while now. You just can’t have one of the best jobbers in the business lock down her own special kind of match and not have her on the receiving end at least once. Sumiko’s fists have claimed many great victims, like Eliza Devine, Sparrow Summers and Keri Spectrum, just to name a few. But finally it’s Sumiko turn to take this brutal style of a beatdown. And who better to put Sumiko in her place, then Keri? Keri pulls no punches, using some really unique technics and really gives it to Sumiko, leaving Sumiko KO’d with her tongue hanging out, sprawled out on the mats in all kinds of amazing ways, again and again. I love the way Sumiko sells this, again easily solidifying her place at the top of the jobber ranks. Keri also delivers a great verbal beating, to go along with the physical one, making this one just more fun to watch. Overall, I’ve wanted to see Sumiko on the other side of her patented “Fists of” style beatdowns for a long time and thanks to some help from Keri, it was well worth the wait. Another one on that ever growing must own list.

Overall Score: 9.9/10