Review of FINISH HER!

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldFINISH HER! – 14 Mins

Comp 2

We fade in on TWO new SKW warriors (well, kinda…). The lovely Sonya (played by Anne-Marie) and Kitana (played by Lucy Purr), taken from an alternate dimension and recruited by Sleeperkid…who sets up a multi-fall battle where EVERY round has to end with a pressure-point KO and a post-KO “finisher” (AKA: Fatality!!) that leaves one lady standing for the match point!   This clip is absolutely killer, and we’re pretty sure these two lovely combatants will be making their way back to SKW!!

Here’s the breakdown:

ROUND ONE: Kitana dominates with a strike block, blows to the belly with her steel fan, belly punching, sleeper hold, and thumb jab pressure point to the neck KO. She then “finishes” her with a sudden neck snap!!!

ROUND TWO: Sonya dominates with a belly kick and a sudden “freeze” pressure point attack that leaves Kitana unable to move. She throws several belly blows and a face jab that KO Kitana while she is frozen, only to deliver a post-KO unfreeze jab for the point. Sonya then takes Kitana out with a boot-assisted neck snap on the ground!

ROUND THREE: Kitana takes Sonya down with a leg sweep, only to follow up with three brutal kicks to the face! She finishes Sonya with a double handed pressure point jab to the neck, and ends it with a huge throat slice with her bladed fan!!!

ROUND FOUR: Sonya pulls out her gun and shoots Kitana in the shoulder, only to add THREE pressure point jabs to Kitana’s neck!   Kitana falls with her derriere in the air as Sonya digs the fan into a pressure point on Kitana’s back, knocking her out. She then finishes her with a single gunshot to the head! *

ROUND FIVE: Kitana nails three brutal headbutts, belly blows, and a final pressure point jab barrage and jumping neck chop put Sonya out, only to feel Kitana’s wrath via an arm-pull/boot neck snap!

ROUND SIX: The girls exchange their weapons for chopsticks and circle each other. Sonya swings and Kitana ducks, nailing a brutal pressure point jab to Sonya’s chest. Sonya feels nothing and Kitana tells her that she has one minute before she passes out. Sonya says “I guess I have time to do THIS” and slams her fist into Kitana’s face! She then finishes Kitana out with a brutal double temple pressure point jab via her chopsticks, turning Kitana into a twitching, drooling mess. Kitana is out, and Sonya happily goes for the neck snap, but the pressure point jab catches up with her and she falls, out cold. Both ladies lay there, and since there were zero fatalities, the round is a draw!!

FINAL ROUND: Sonya goes for her handstand flip technique but Kitana reverses it with three belly blows. Sonya comes back with massive low blow and KO’s Kitana with a TOMBSTONE PILEDIVER! She goes for a fatal stomp to the skull but Kitana catches her boot and slams her to the ground!   Kitana attacks with belly jabs and a brutal solar plexus jab that sends SPIT FLYING out of Sonya’s mouth. She then delivers her OWN TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER KO and finishes Sonya with a figure four neckscissors/necksnap!!


Man, where do you start when you have a video that is just so much fun for so many reasons? I guess it’s best to start with the most obvious thing, these costumes are awesome! Both Anne-Marie and Lucy look so great in their costumes, they really do look like the Mortal Kombat characters they portray. As much as I love Anne’s Sonya, I got to give the win to Lucy’s Kitana here. Next we got to talk about the actual fighting. We get great back and forth, fist fighting, weapons included, type fighting, each round ending with a very nice, brutal, fatality and sometimes pretty creative too. Both girls sold this so great, we get tons of twitching from them both, but Anne-Marie was twitching from almost everything and would just twitch forever after Lucy would take her out. I loved that! Lucy did a really epic drooling KO for us and Anne did one of those big belly punch spit takes. We got awesome eye crossing from Anne and great eyerolling from Lucy. The girls played well off each other, both getting their fair share of cocky trash talking in. The combination of Anne-Marie and Lucy being awesome, the fun, creative combat, amazing, definitely fairly over the top reactions, brutal fatalities, and these outstanding costumes, make this vid this one for the history books, as one of the most fun vids to watch in SKW.

Overall Score: 9.5/10