Review of Fighting Sleep with Cali Logan

Review of Cali’s CustomsFighting Sleep with Cali Logan – 47 mins

Cali Logan is an investigator on a case. She has followed some leads that point her to a man who calls himself Lance, posing as a photographer, but seems to be kidnapping women. When she arrives at his house for a photo shoot, she’s quick to notice something doesn’t feel right. While the creep goes to get his camera, Cali starts snooping around. She doesn’t get far before Lance returns, catching her snooping. Cali tries to make up something to say while heading for the door, knowing she’s busted. Before Cali can get to the door, she is backed into a corner where she struggles, but can not escape his grip. The two wrestle to the floor where Cali receives a hard head smash on the floor that puts her out cold. Lance takes the opportunity to check her pockets and have some fun. Cali is carried around the room for a while, before waking up and again trying to escape. This time, she loses consciousness in a tight sleeper hold. She goes limp as her captor once again has his way with her, removing her shirt and carrying her away. Next time she comes to, she’s tried up by her hands being interrogated and belly punched until passes out again. Lance then carries his victim to the bed where he removes Cali’s clothes, down to bra and panties and poses her for photos. Every time she wakes up, Cali is met with a new way of being KO’d, strangulation, chloro, gas mask and needle. She comes to just enough to realize she’s been sold in Lance’s online auction. She begs to for her life, promising to tell no one, but to no avail as she’s KO’d again and carried away to her buyer.

This is a great full video, being the better part of an hour, I never once felt like they were just trying to burn or fill time. It progresses quick and and is entertaining from end to end. Call is an amazing actress, you can fell her nervousness when she walks in, her pure terror when she gets caught and her desperation trying not to be sold to the highest bidder. Not only that she also, as always, sells her KOs and unconsciousness to perfection. There’s no nudity in this one, wouldn’t be bad to have some, but definitely not needed as Cali looks great and shows enough skin anyway. The KOs happen often enough and use fun tactics. She out long enough to make the story work, but not too long to get boring. Overall, this has a great story concept and execution, great selling and acting, filling all the time extremely well making this an awesome video to watch.

Overall score: 9.5/10