Review of Fight Club Chaos

Review of Fem Wrestling RoomsFight Club Chaos – 20 mins

LeAnn has to fight Antoinette in the fight club, but knows that it’s a mismatch, so she brings in her friend Kat to be the “referee”. Antoinette doesn’t like this, but knows that LeAnn is weak and will be easily defeated, so she simply tells Kat to stay out of the way. The bell rings and the fists go up! Immediately, it’s no surprise when Antoinette begins destroying LeAnn with her hard punches. LeAnn’s black hair flies as her head is smashed around by her opponent. When she finally falls from an uppercut, the referee steps in and starts the count and LeAnn is able to rise in time. Kat gives her plenty of time to recover by checking her eyes and making sure she’s ok. But when the girls go back to the fight, Antoinette continues her onslaught by punching out LeAnn in the corner and on the ropes. When LeAnn goes down again, Kat steps in and surprises Antoinette by throwing punches into Antoinette’s jaw while she LeAnn gets up. From there on out, it’s obvious that Antoinette is being tricked as Kat becomes a dual member of LeAnn’s team. She holds Antoinette’s arms behind her, sucker punches her, climbs the ropes and smashes knees into Antoinette’s face, and give LeAnn the chance to take control. The end for Antoinette comes she’s placed between the two girls and punched back and forth several times. As Antoinette stands groggy and swaying, Kat takes LeAnn’s arm and tells her that Antoinette should see her hand raised in victory before she’s knocked out. Kat throws LeAnn’s arm into the air, smashing Antoinette in the chin to knock her out for the final count and sexy victory poses!

This is how the dominant heels should be beaten. Some of us have been talking about the jobber girls winning matches lately and one of the ways I suggested was a good way for them to win was by cheating. This is exactly what I meant by that. Antoinette didn’t go down easy either, she kept fighting back, keeping LeAnn dazed and weak for most of the match, but Kat kept interfering and Antoinette couldn’t lay a hand in Kat. I love LeAnn’s selling, she does very convincing punch drunk. Antoinette gets worn down over time and LeAnn recovers to dominate, with the help of Kat still. Now Antoinette is the one who’s punch drunk and she sells it great to. After Antoinette of fill down and out, LeAnn and Kat take there sweet time posing over Antoinette, which is always great to see. Overall, I love that this wasn’t total domination and Antoinette hand to be worn down first. This is was a great idea and was really well done, maybe Antoinette will seek revenge.

Overall score: 9.5/10