Review of Female Wrestling Beatdown Destruction

Review of Defeated XXXFemale Wrestling Beatdown Destruction – 21 Mins

STELLAThe match begins, Stella is dominant for the first part of the video, putting Janelle in scissor holds and painful camel clutch. Janelle wants to play harder and escapes from a scissors. A punch in Stella’s face put her down! A punch in Stella’s belly, a kick in her back, kick, a in her face! Janelle is super angry and in full control of this really hard BEATDOWN! Stella seems to be unable to react in any way. Janelle treats her like her trophy, showing her off. She puts her in some more painful submission moves, and Stella can do nothing but suffer, Janelle enjoys putting her foot in her mouth too. Victory pose for Janelle, but she’s not happy yet. She writes on her chest… LOSER!

Here is a video that makes a great turn for the better, less than halfway through. Stella was in control early using grappling moves, like a completive wrestling vid, which to me, isn’t fun to watch, and then out of nowhere, Janelle breaks free and delivers a solid punch to Stella’s head. After that is all Janelle’s show and she is kicking the crap of Stella using a lot strikes, some prostyle wrestling holds and also sticking her foot in Stella’s mouth. Stella sells this great, you can see the fear in her eyes and she reacts to all the punishment really well, including some eyerolling, but not long eye rolls, but a bunch of short ones. Stella also gets KO’d a few times and the cool thing here is that she leaves her eyes open while she’s out cold. I don’t often see open eye KOs, but I’m definitely a fan. Near the end Janelle starts delivering knees to Stella’s head, again Stella sells this great. Once Stella goes out, Janell writes loser across her chest before taking her victory pose. Overall, I’m totally new to this production and I know they have a lot of heavy foot fetish focused combat, but this is just a great beatdown.

Overall Score: 9.5/10