Review of FBI Agent

Review of FBI Agent

Kayla plays an FBI agent, planning on going undercover as a college student to get inside and search a suspected baddie’s house. Her plan works as the baddie lets her in and as soon as she’s alone she starts to search the place. Unfortunately for Kayla the baddie realized whats going on, grabs a knife and threatens Kayla. He searches her body, not getting the answers he wanted from Kayla, he punches her out. He searches her and handcuffs her before waking her and asking more questions. Kayla admits she’s FBI and tries to escape, but the baddie catches her and KO’s her again. He leaves her out on the ground to figure out what to do with her. While he’s gone, Kayla wake up and struggles to get the locked door open, because she’s still cuffed, but does eventually get out for a successful escape. She isn’t done however as a few days later she comes back to the house assuming the place is empty. She breaks in and begins searching. A loud thug spooks Kayla and she heads quickly for the door. A quick look over her shoulder and the coast is clear, but as she turns back to the door, the baddie stands in her way, with a quick punch Kayla is out cold again. Some more frisking, some body dragging, a little chloro and a long limp play session happens before Kayla limp body is laid in the couch as the video comes to a close.

This is a massive limp play video, it’s 3 parts total 35ish minutes. It is a slightly older video, so there’s some lighting issues and camera angle issues, but nothing huge and nothing that Kayla hasn’t already fixed in future videos, so no point in me trying to say anymore about them. Kayla is out cold for the better part of the video, which is what we want in such a long video. The story here is good and there’s enough dialog within the video to totally understand whats going on at all times. Kayla does stay fully dressed the whole time, no clothing is removed at all, which is fine, but I’d rather have at least a little came off. on the plus side though, her clothes are very form fitting. Overall a good limp play video with enough story to carry it 35 mins with out feeling slow.

Overall Score: 8/10


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  1. Profile photo of Sig Kircheis Sig Kircheis says:

    The dark clothing doesn’t seem to work well with the ambient lighting. The last part in the white top is better.

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