Review of Sleeperkid’s World FAR BEYOND DRIVEN 44 – 17 Mins

AveryWhat did you THINK was gonna happen, Avery?

The lovely and tiny wrestler interrupts Jessie Belle’s smack-talk, going for a piledriver that instantly gets reversed! Avery is OUT COLD, and what follows is one hell of a piledriver beatdown, with some added moves and finishers thrown in just for fun! Jessie Belle is the ultimate heel, talking trash profusely as she completely destroys young jobber girl Avery!

When you get a great heel like Jessie Belle, that is just so incredibly funny, quick witted, crazy, powerful and merciless and then add in the fact that she’s just really sexy too, you just can’t go wrong. Then she’s completely dominating a jobber that is perfectly helpless, sexy and wearing just the right outfit, taking a ton of piledrivers and twitching a lot. You get an amazing vid like this. I love piledrivers, especially when the jobber twitches after, which Avery does, almost every time. I love pins, especially when I get a lot of different kinds of pin, which Jessie does almost every pin you can think of. The combination makes me watch this one again and again. I’ve watched the video the most out of this update, although I did say another one was my favorite, I cannot deny how much love this one. Jessie and Avery just really put this one out of the park and although is not super over the top or ridiculous, this one has earned a spot on my all-time favorites list.

Overall Score: 9.9/10