Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldFAR BEYOND DRIVEN 43 – 22 mins

Sleeperkid’s got a huge fight on his hands, Ivy Sloan, Kelly, and Saya Savage challenge him to a piledrivers/gauntlet battle, you guys can imagine how things went. ROUND ONE: After reversing some belly attacks, SK takes Ivy out with a sleeper hold, only to  destroy her with a brutal series of piledrivers, including a “wilting” driver that takes Ivy out. ROUND TWO: The girls drag Ivy to the corner and Kelly gores for the attack.  She traps SK in a piledriver position, but SK reverses it dropping Kelly like a rock. She’s barely conscious, so SK takes her out with a sleeper, forcing Saya to check her treammates limp hand. He then nails a brutal series of piledrivers with fake pin and a final wilting tombstone ends it for Kelly. ROUND THREE:  Saya starts off strong with an armlock, but SK sweeps her leg and weakens her with a eyerolling sleeper KO. He then proceeds to work her over with a long series of piledrivers, until a final piledriver finisher her off. FINAL ROUND: We start out with the girls barely conscious on the ground and an impatient SK ready to start, he lays Saya out with a tombstone, only to give Ivy and Kelly piledrivers that end with them landing in a huge three-girl pileup. A final 1 vs 3 pin seals the match, leaving SK exhausted but satisfied as he performs a final victory pose over his three fallen opponents.

The one thing better than one girl being dominated by countless piledrivers, is having 3 girls dominated by countless piledriver and what’s even better is two or these 3 girls are no longer around, so it’s always a treat to see Ivy and Kelly losing again. Ivy is my favorite of the 3, although they all did a wonderful job. Ivy just happen to be the only one who did any noticeable amount of twitching, even if it was pretty much just her leg twitching, I still rather enjoyed it. Kelly looks amazing, love the shiny suit couple with her sexy legs and Saya, the only girl still with us, plays this perfectly and looks outstanding as always. Overall, this a solid piledriver vid with 3 great and sexy jobbers.

Overall Score: 8.5/10