Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldFANTASY vs ANNE-MARIE – 20 mins

In this amazing back and forth pro battle, Fantasy and Anne-Marie take each other on in a multi-fall/multi-KO pins battle. Here’s the breakdown! Round one: Fantasy dominates via reverse bearhug, multiple belly attacks, leg drops to the abs, elbow drops, multiple belly splashes, knees to the belly, belly buster, and additional belly splashes for the final KO! Round two: Anne-Marie surprises Fantasy with a figure four leglock, a standing throat choke, leg drops to the belly, a body scissors, a reverse neck scissors, and a brutal face kick KO! Round three: Fantasy attacks Anne-Marie’s legs and nails a jumping backbreaker strike with her knees. She bends Anne-Marie’s body over her knees and applies a surfboard, followed by a modified camel clutch, a standing surfboard, boston crab, torture rack, and a standing bearhug KO. She picks Anne up in an over the shoulder carry and tosses her to the mats for the pin! Round four: Anne-Marie attacks with a sudden hangman, using Fantasy’s HAIR to pull her onto her back! She follows up with a hair stand, a hair-assisted surfboard, several hair mares, and a final chokeout, using Fantasy’s hair to put her out! Round five: The girls exchange brutal punches to the jaw until they both stand there, punch drunk. Anne-Marie falls first, out cold with Fantasy collapsing on top of her for a double KO! Round six: Fantasy nails an opening piledriver KO and goes for the pin but Anne-Marie kicks out at the lasts second. Stunned and angry, Fantasy goes for a Tombstone, but Anne-Marie REVERSES IT! She lifts the pro into her own Tombstone and nails the KO, but Fantasy also manages to kick out of the pin. Determined, Anne-Marie nails a regular piledriver KO and follows up with yet another Tombstone. This puts Fantasy down and out for good, allowing Anne to get the pin and the win!

Wait a minute, Anne Marie beat Fantasy? How does that happen? HAHA! All kidding aside, these two girls are pros. Each round has a particular move or attacks that supposed to be used, although it’s not clearly mentioned in every round, the moves that are used, are all spot on. Yes, the rounds that Anne losses are better to watch, she’s just so good, but Fantasy is no amateur, as you all should know by now, so it’s are good show, no matter who’s losing. Both girls look great, sell great, even added a little silliness with the double KO scene. There are a lot different moves and attacks used, from simple KOs, to hair pulling, to belly punching, and submission holds, so there’s a little something for everyone. Overall, having two girls that really know what they’re doing is a guaranteed way to make a decent video, add in some fun elements like trash talking, a good variety of move and of course a bunch of KOs, then you’ll have a really good vid like this,

Overall Score: 9/10