Review of EXHAUSTION: Episode 7

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldEXHAUSTION: Episode 7 – 46 Mins

SaraSARA LIZ makes an amazing debut against the beautiful BECKY LESABRE!!!!

We fade in on a match that’s been going on for hours, with Sara and Becky spilling onto the mats for a 45 + min exhaustion / overkill battle that you have to see to believe! Both ladies take turns dominating and getting destroyed, moaning and groaning as they struggle to muster up enough energy for a fight-ending finisher!   In the end, Becky takes slight control, carrying a sleeping Sara into the nearest bedroom and forcing her to give in. A final low blow and sleeper claim Sara’s consciousness, with Becky following her into darkness soon thereafter. Everything leading up to that final double KO, however, is pure GOLD!

It’s always fun to see visitors come to SKW and pull of some really great over the top stuff. Even though it’s not surprising at all that these two talented girls did such a good job. You guys all should know Becky, she’s been at SKW a number of time and always does a great job selling. Sara Liz is new to SKW, but not new to putting on a good show, I’ve seen her all over the place and she’s always doing a great job. I love these kind of match because of exhaustion, the struggle to get moves off, all the KOs, that often end in a body piles and of course, all the silly reaction with tongue protrusion and rolling or crossing eyes. Both girls really do a great job over selling this. Sara makes a ton of crazy faces and a very silly noise when getting the wind squeezed out of her. Becky was just a great with silly faces and tongue protrusion and she ends up with the win after an amazing low blow and sleeper puts Sara out for good. Although there is drooling and twitching, there’s not a lot of it. If I was to make a complaint about this one, which I’m not, that would be it. This one is really over the top and really well done, which makes this one my favorite of the update.

Overall Score: 9.9/10