Review of EXHAUSTION: episode 6

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldEXHAUSTION: episode 6 – 43 mins

The epic series just kicked it up a notch with fan favorites KERI SPECTRUM and SUMIKO taking each other on in a 40 + minute exhaustion match, starting with both ladies collapsing into the mat room after a brutal and unseen battle, amazing exhausted wrestling, covered in KOs and overkill attacks and ending with both ladies in the, now traditional shower finale, pounding away at each other until one fighter finally gives in and the other collapses next to her.

When you see “Exhaustion, starring Sumiko and Keri”, I pretty much don’t have to say anything else, but for those of you that do wait for my review, I’ll say a few things. Sumiko and Keri both sell the crap out of this, with amazing eyerolling, tongue protrusion and other great reactions. We get tons and tons of KOs as both girls are totally worn out. Plenty of overkill attacks too, as they struggle to put their opponent out for good. The battle is very back and forth, although Keri does seem to have a little more time on the offensive side, even more and more as the vid goes on. Even in the end, Sumiko is still fighting back as they battle it out in the shower, which absolutely the best way to end a video, ever. Once Sumiko finally gives up, Keri takes a sigh of relief than passes out next to Sumiko, under the running water. Overall, I will never grow tired of this series, Sumiko and Keri are both some of the best performers on the planet and they knock the one out of the park. Get this one as soon as you can, also at $29 for 43 mins, you’ll never get more bang for your buck.

Overall Score: 10/10