Review of EXHAUSTION: episode 5

Review of Sleeperkid’s WorldEXHAUSTION: episode 5 – 35 mins

This is another installment in this epic series, this time featuring Sumiko and Jacquelyn Velvets in a brutal exhaustion battle. They collapse into the room, with Sumiko taking an early lead, pummeling Jacquelyn’s belly repeatedly until Jacquelyn is barely able to reverse the action. Sumiko soon takes back over and really gives it to Jackie with lots of scissors, punches, sleepers, temple drills and overkill attacks that have Velvets’ eyes rolling all over place and even drooling a few different times. Miss Velvets does manage to trap Sumiko in a few KOs during the struggle, but it’s mostly Sumiko dishing out the pained and exhausted punishment. After plenty of KOs and torture, Sumiko knows no other way to bring this battle to an end, she carries Jacquelyn to the shower for some more belly punishment, where Miss Velvets finally voices her submission, before Sumiko puts her out for good and leaves her sleeping under the running water of the shower.

OK, so this vid has Sumiko and Jacquelyn Velvets, fighting in the shower, I think my job here is done. If that’s not enough to sell you, than I guess I’ll talk about some other stuff from this show stopper of a vid. Besides for the shower part of, the other most important thing is that this is an exhaustion vid, it’s got to be one of the hardest matches to sell, because they always have to act totally drained and both girls do a damn good job of constantly selling that. It feels like Jackie for the most part is just too tried to fight back. I love one part, where Sumiko is trying to get Jackie on her feet, but Sumiko is too weak to pick up Jackie and Jackie is too out of it to hold herself up, so, they have this great exhausted struggle trying to get Jackie back on her feet. There’s plenty of KOs, with most having overkill attacks as well. Both girls get KO’d with drooling and twitching at least once. Sumiko’s the only one who does any tongue parturition and there’s lots and lots of eyerolling as both girls are awesome at it. Overall, did I mention Sumiko KOs Jackie in the shower at the end? Just making sure I didn’t forget.

Overall Score: 10/10