Review of Erin Knocked Silly

Review of Girls Getting SleepyErin Knocked Silly – 10 Mins

sillyErin Knocked Silly is not a knock out video in the traditional sense. Rather than a story based clip, this is a collection of various beautiful knock outs all starring Erin, 10 knock outs to be exact! Watch scenes of Erin being knocked unconscious repeatedly using a club to the head and a neck chop. Every knock out features Erin being knocked silly, smiling and going cross eyed, along with birdy and cuckoo clock sound effects.

This kind video is absolutely my favorite ones to see from GGS. I love this silly reactions and Erin is great at them. She rolls and crosses her eyes really well, she don’t laugh too much, although she does smile a lot and make plenty of silly faces. I don’t like when the laugh a lot, not sure why really. I loved that her clothes change throughout the scenes and her breast get exposed a number of times. I love the red dress and the vest and jeans the most. Overall, easy one of my favorite GGS silly KOs vid, probably number 2 behind Victoria’s.

Overall Score: 9/10