Review of Erin Chloroformed

Review of Girls Getting SleepyErin Chloroformed – 13.5 Mins

GGS ERINErin is on a morning stroll through her neighborhood when she is knocked out with chloroform and abducted by a stranger. She wakes up to find herself topless and barefoot in the strange man’s van, only to knocked out with another dose of chloroform. The next time she wakes up, she is on the floor in his apartment and has apparently become his sleeping rag doll, and about to take another nap.

Another great job by Erin here and also a really nice set up by GGS. I really like that this starts out with passing Erin in the woods, then we see her in the car and finally back in the house. It makes this one of the better stories for GGS. Of course it’s not the greatest story, because there’s no words, almost at all, but still one of the better ones from GGS. Erin again is really great. Of course she looks awesome, but she also rolls her eyes really was and struggles nicely against the chloroform. Overall, I really like Erin, she’s pretty great, and a nice to see a good chance of scenery for GGS.

Overall Score: 9/10