Review of Emmi – Barefoot Punching Bag

Review of Emmi – Barefoot Punching Bag – 6.5 min

Simple concept here, You vs Emmi in a POV boxing battle. Emmi thought she’d be able to take you but the 1st punch puts her out cold. You check out her feet while she’s out and when she wakes up, you knock her out again. She does get a few shot in on you but nothing that really slows you down, till the end, where she finally knocks you out, but you’re not going down along as you take her down with you.

This is a really enjoyable video. Its kind of silly, there’s lots of eyerolling and lots of KOs. Emmi is really cute, I love the yoga pants and she sells good. I’m a big fan of boxing matches and this vid put the best part of a boxing match one repeat. Its only 6 minutes, but there are more that 10 KOs. That’s a great rate of KOs per min and with the added silliness, I have to recommend this one to you guys.

Overall Score: 9/10