Review of ELIZA’S NEW SUIT – 19 min

In this throwback video, we find Eliza in the mat room dressed in a superheroine costume. When SK enters, he asks her what she’s doing wearing that. She says that she’s ready to fight crime. SK laughs in her face, Eliza doesn’t look happy about that. SK tells her that if she wants to become a superheroine she has to learn how to take a punch. The same second he say punch, of course, he punches Eliza in the face and she goes right out cold. From here on we get treated to a great one sided squash that has Eliza rolling her eyes and sleeping off attacks over and over again, till SK has his fill and leave she to think about her future as a crime fighter.

Eliza is one of my ALL TIME favorite jobbers. When ever I’m talking about favorites, you know she’s going to be in the conversation. This video and many others where Eliza delivers an Elite performance is the reason behind it. I like, but don’t love this body suit, however, it’s skin tight and shiny, so that a postie, but skin is always better than skin tight. I would say that is Eliza selling at her best in this, but really she almost always sells this great. The idea for this beatdown is probably one of the silliest reasons for kicking some ones butt, but, I love silly ideas. Overall, excellent eyerolling, great one sided beatdown and awesome selling. If you haven’t seen this one yet, your welcome.

Overall Score: 9.5/10