Review of Sleeperkid’s World EIGHT vs THE INVISIBLE – 22 Mins

8Starring Jacquelyn Velvets, Sparrow Summers, Bambi Buttons, Chanel Yeoung, Merry Meow, Miriya, Saya Savage, and Lila Adare!

You are a special agent given a virtual reality involving an invisibility potion and a room filled with right sentries who can’t see your attacks coming!   This one is as fun as it sounds, guys, with all eight ladies taking multiple KOs and ending up in several bodypiles and KO lineups…until a final machine gun finish leaves every one down and OUT!

Bodypiles and just bodies everywhere is the name of this game and we get so many of them here. I love how SK is invisible and it just causes all sorts of confusion, as SK casually walks around knocking the girls out in a few different way. The girls are just clueless as to what’s happening to their team and when his invisibility runs out, SK is ready, laying all the girls out with his handy machine gun. All the girls get a little time to show off their unique selling styles, as the post KOs are done one at time, so we get nice up close reactions from each and every one of them. Plenty of great KO poses and you just haven’t lived till you see 8 amazing girls all laid out in the finally titled “Derri-Air” KO position. You just can’t help but love these vids, it’s only about once a year we get so many girls at SKW and these videos are always fun, but this is easily the best of its kind.

Overall Score: 9/10