Review of X Club Wrestling’sDIVAPOCALYPSE 2 – 65.5 mins

Divapocalypse 2 is here and its a big one. 1st up, an “I Quit” tag team match with The Commandos (GI Jewell & Nikki Jane) vs The Mean Girls (XCW Champ, Christie Stevens and Jessica Ryan). The Commandos need to finally score a victory over The Mean Girls after all the beatings and humiliation they both been through. The Mean Girls, however attack before the bell with weapons. Another one-sided beatdown and sexual humiliation is what is in store for the good girls. What worse is Nikki Jane abandons GI Jewell, half way through, making it a handicapped match. Than, just when The Mean Girls are all set to win, Champ, Christie throws the match by purposely yelling out “I quit,” giving The Commandos the win.

Next up, is the The Warrior and her mystery tag partner vs The Dominator and The Marquise. We’ve also seen The Warrior suffer through several vicious beatings at the hands of The Dominator and The Marquise. Now the sadistic twosome have challenged the Warrior to a three-fall tag match. First fall, regular pin fall or submission, second fall, a Last-Team-Standing match, third fall, a First Blood match. The Warrior partner turns out to be, The Bitch Karlie Montana. They work together and take the 1st fall with ease. Than, The Warrior attacks Karlie and the 3 of them completely destroy and sexually humiliate the returning wrestler.

This episode is has two huge mind boggling concussions. I have no idea why Christie would throw the match. I wonder what her plans are? What ever it is, it not good for GI Jewell. I wonder how upset GI Jewell will be about being left on her own by her partner? Kym (GI Jewell), as always puts on a great show for her destruction. I love the heart punching, they made Kym cough and twitch and its awesome. Next, I’m so happy to see Karlie back, its been soo long since she was at XCW, but I can’t even come close to a reason that would make The Warrior turn on her, except being on the other side of the beatdowns. I guess that’s a pretty good reason. I loved Karlie destruction. In no time Karlie is pretty much a lifeless ragdoll, but this doesn’t slow the 3 evil doers down, at all. They continue to beatdown and humiliate Karlie for quite a while. I couldn’t have wanted Karlie’s return to be any different. I was hoping for The Warrior to be destroyed as well, but the surprise of that back stab was great, becasue it was so unexpected. Overall, a little heavier on the sexual humiliation than I would like, but really awesome selling especially for Kym and Karlie and jaw dropping storyline surprises that have me chomping at the bit to see what going to happen next.

Overall Score: 9/10